About Me

Character Stats


Species: Female Human
Class: Technically, a Developer
Languages: Python, Ruby, Javascript (jQuery, ajax, D3), HTML/CSS
Frameworks: Cherrypy, Ruby on Rails
Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, Postgresql
Management: Github, Trello, Slack
People Skills: Patient, Supportive, Flexible
Skillz: Listening, Working with scraps, adapting, writing
Mood: Upbeat and positive, with a touch of muse
Motto: "There has to be a mod for this."

The Amynator     HP 120

Weapon: Laser cats
Specialty: W A S D
weakness: overthinks | resistance: small talk

Willing to tackle most anyhing. Runs 300+ mods in Skyrim.

In 1996 (uh, yeah, I'm getting up there), fresh out of high school, I took my first step with development. Thanks to Angelfire and Geocities, I learned HTML. I still remember how baffled I was by the concept of "magically" getting my picture from my computer out onto this page that was 'somewhere out there'. That's when I grasped the concept of uploading and it opened up a curiosity into the world of digital possibilities.

Later on, I interned with a local media company and got familiar with using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Macromedia Flash Player (that should date me); tools that taught me how to use layers, and so much more.

I worked in supportive roles in interesting and diverse places. From my span of experiences, I mastered Espresso (came in 5th at a Seattle Barista competition), learned a lot of people skills, general office protocal, but I also learned cool skills like how to buy aerospace parts and how to turn AutoCAD drawings into interactive digital maps for custom security system software.

Then Wordpress came along, and I got well acquainted with it as I blogged about Arabian horses. It helped me comprehend the idea of templates and keeping data stored separately from the visual interface. I got a sense that this technology could be a lot more than just a blog. I explored around the backend a bit, and started learning about the power of dynamic content. Eventually, I also got familiar with hosting interfaces and tools such as CPanel, phpMyAdmin, ftp, filemanager, etc.

I was afforded the chance to immerse myself in sustainable farm-life and committed to an internship with a non-profit organization called World Steward, in the Columbia Gorge (Oregon/Washington). I hauled hay, learned how to be a steward of the forest (I hate Scotch broom), and grew a wide variety of crops. I also fell in love with Permaculture.

In 2016, I finally embraced the path of a Full Stack Web Developer. I rolled up my sleeves and began my self-taught journey with The Odin Project. Through the course, I was setting the foundation for what it takes to develop: Try, Fail, Research, Try again, Fail again (with great enthusiasm because the failure is new!), rinse and repeat until I would reach the finish line.

In early 2017, I found an amazing opportunity to both learn and work remotely for the non-profit organization, Keystone Accountability. I began my developing journey working remotely as a "Tech Fellow", and felt the sting of hot coals on my digital feet as I faced my trial-by-fire into Python, Cherrypy, Drupal, Bootstrap, Ajax, and JavaScript. I got used to feeling stupid a lot.

Through my time with them, I've also learned a great deal about the Linux system through SSH (though I began most of my learning with Windows, so I had extra hills to climb), learned the importance of staging and development, wrestled with version control with Github, and grew to have my own database preference (I adore MongoDB). I even wound up developing their user login system from scratch so that the site could completely detach from using Drupal.

After working for them for a year, they promoted me to Developer, and I feel ready to level up and find my permanent home as a Full Stack Web Developer!